My prolific experience as a creative designer and marketing professional.  I add to the creative workplace fresh eyes to look at what currently exists, as well as organization with higher R.O.I. Create a high level of intelligent communications between departments and people. New attitude to see what can be improved. Listen to what is really being said. Keen mind to where improvements can be made to reach full potentials. Bring to the forefront strengths and introduce new elements where needed.


Here are just a few accomplishments demonstrate the absolute value I can bring to your company


• Successfully designed, packaging, branding, sales promotion, point of sale, environmental graphics,

  advertisements, websites for a wide variety of Fortune 1000 companies and popular product brands.


• Significantly improved P&L for art and marketing departments by streamlining processes, raising quality

   standards, coordinating schedules, clarifying creative directions, and emphasizing a client-first approach.


I combine my passion for designing, vision, marketing, enthusiasm, and the technical ability to ensure

my clients receive exceptional end products. My knowledge of graphic arts production, keenness for

innovation, and collaborative leadership makes me an outstanding addition to your team.


"I have been fortunate to have been born and educated in the advertising center of the world,

New York City. From High School of Art & Design to the endowed college of Cooper Union School

of Art and Science some of the finest schools in the city. My tenure in advertising and sales promotion

agencies have given me the professional level of experience in the industry that make me an

experienced effective resource to develop your projects from start to finish.

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